Reproflexology for Fertility  


What is Reproflexology? 
If you are struggling to conceive naturally or are starting Clomid, IUI or IVF/ICSI, Reproflexology is a specific form of Reflexology which can be used to re-balance and stimulate your body’s natural endocrine system (Your hormones!) for both women and men. 
For women specifically it may help to regulate your menstrual cycle, stimulate ovulation, prepare your uterus for egg implantation and increase progesterone levels to help prevent miscarriage. If you have heavy periods, no periods, struggle with endometriosis, PCOS (polycystic ovaries), Fibroids, or any other gynaecological issue, Reproflexology can work to relieve the symptoms of these, and help to re-regulate your cycle. 
For men it may assist with your sperm DNA and increase your sperm count and motility. If you suffer with low testosterone, prostatitis, have had a vasectomy reversal or had testicular cancer, Reproflexology may help to stimulate your reproductive organs to work more optimally. 

How often should I have a treatment? For natural fertility it is recommended that women have a session every week for at least 4-6 weeks, and then for as long as you wish/need. For men it is recommended that you have a session fortnightly at least 8 times.  If you are commencing fertility treatment it is advisable to start Reproflexology treatments 2-3 months before your treatment starts. Reproflexology supports IUI and IVF/ICSI at every stage of the treatment up until the 12th week of pregnancy.  What does it cost? An initial consultation costs £50 per person and all follow up treatments cost £35.  You will be required to complete a client questionnaire before attending your first session and it could last up to 2 hours. You may attend this as a couple, and it will cost £100. Follow up sessions last 1 hour and cost £35 per person. You do not need to attend these together.  Diet and Lifestyle advice specific to fertility is provided complimentary as part of your initial session.  Supplements and additional Nutritional Therapy  In some cases, Rachel may advise supplements for fertility which will incur additional costs, but are not obligatory. Rachel Hill is also a BANT registered Nutritional Therapist and if it is agreed that you need additional assistance, this will incur additional fees. Again, not obligatory.  Homework!  As part of the Reproflexology treatments Rachel will give you "homework" so that you can manipulate the reflex points relating to your reproductive organs on your own hands. This applies to men and women.  Rachel will also encourage you to take your temperature (women only) and monitor this using a Fertility App. 

For Women 
Rebalancing your hormones and where appropriate stimulating your reflex points at key points of your menstrual cycle and/or fertility treatment 
Inducing a deep relaxation to reduce your stress levels at every stage of your menstrual cycle. 
Encourage an elimination of toxins so that your body is as clean as possible to grow a baby 
Nutrition & Lifestyle advice  
For Men 
Rebalancing your hormones and hopefully stimulating an increase in numbers of sperm, motility and health 
Inducing a deep relaxation to reduce your stress levels. Stress can hugely affect Infertility 
Encourage an elimination of toxins so that your sperm are as healthy as they possibly can be 
Nutrition & Lifestyle advice 
Women can either attend Reproflexology appointments on their own, or together with your partner. Ideally a joint consultation at the start of treatment is advisable, and then you can attend any further sessions separately. Prior to your first consultation you will be required to complete a comprehensive questionnaire, and we will discuss this and any test results you have at our initial meeting, and set up a treatment schedule.  

Price List 

Initial Consultation £50 
Follow up Treatments £35 per session/per person 
Reproflexology (Couple) 
Initial Consultation £100 
Follow up Treatments £35 per session, per person 
Complimentary Pregnancy Massage if your treatment is successful in the 3rd Trimester 

My Infertility Journey 

I have been on a tremendous infertility journey over the years and am still childless. I would not wish my horrendous journey on anybody, and hope I can help you on yours, and to achieve a more positive impact than my own. I did not know about Reproductive Reflexology when I was going through my journey, but boy, do I wish I had. 
My first husband left me because I could not conceive and went on to have 4 children with a new partner. My current husband and I have been on a different journey, and we had one round of IVF. They retrieved 6 eggs from me, but only two were healthy. The morning they rang me to tell me that 4 of my eggs were un-usable was one of the worst of my life. Only one egg fertilised and the embryo (I've always called him Ernie!!) was implanted back but did not embed. My husband's sperm was very healthy but my eggs were poor and I could not face any more IVF. The process is beyond emotionally exhausting. 
My husband and I have also been through the adoption process, were matched with a couple of children and they were pulled from us at the last moment. I couldn't take any further stress and took a year off work to fully grieve the heartbreak of not being able to have my own children . I am grateful to have had my two beautiful fur baby dogs by my side who have given me the strength to see that babies do not have to be human! And in July 2020, my husband and I re-homed two beautiful donkeys ... much bigger fur babies!! Focussing on a long term dream to have a small holding is what has has gotten me through. There will be many more fur babies to come, you can be assured of that :-) 
I hope that my honest story, helps you to see that I can fully empathise with what you are going through. Rachel x  
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